Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Housework Wars? - There is a solution!!!

There Is A Solution to the Housework Wars | The Raw Story

This article points out that we still have an issue with who does what in the home.  Perhaps, as I've pointed out to my spouse, the tide has turned, and men are much more likely to pick up and match their partner's housecleaning load (and surpass it even sometimes!!!), but as the author states:
" the expectation remains that it’s a woman’s job to keep track of what needs to be done and to do the hard work of assigning chores. "
"we learned that men spent 18 percent of their time doing housework and took on 33 percent of household tasks, whereas women spent 22 percent of their time on housework and carried out 67 percent of household tasks. Women performed over twice the number of tasks and assumed the burden of “mental labor” or “invisible work,” that is, planning and coordination of tasks "
And what did this result in?  Nagging.  Nagging.  More Nagging - equally hated by the wife who did it, and the husband who endured it.

So is it the man's fault for 'leaving the work to her', or the woman's fault for 'not letting him do his work properly'?  BOTH, it turns out!

So, is there hope in this unbalanced relationship?  Thankfully, yes!!!:
" if both spouses understand what their chores are and dispatch them efficiently without having to be prompted, there were few fights and everyone felt more appreciated. All of which is to say that the nagging differential disappeared. "
"Of course, all this depends on
people being willing to make the effort."
The full story, with specific steps to understanding and dispatching:

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