Friday, November 30, 2012

Compare ecloth® to Norwex, Enjo, Blue Wonder, and big retailers

Most of the questions I get are about how e-cloth® compares to our competitors...

"How does e-cloth compare to Norwex?"  "How does e-cloth compare to Enjo?"  "How does e-cloth compare to Blue Wonder?"  "How does e-cloth compare to ________"

Let me see if I can do this in two steps:

1) e-cloth® is the highest quality microfiber available on the market today.  Did you catch that?  HIGHEST.  BEST.  No other is as good....  compare denier (thickness of the fibers), warranty, manufacturing process, durability....  e-cloth is as good or better than our competition.  Are you in the habit of picking up a bargain pack at the local retailer?  Give your cloth a stretch, then do the same with an e-cloth®...  The 'stretchier' the cloth is, the more quickly it will wear out, and the more cheaply it is made.  e-cloths don't stretch.   The higher price of other high quality cloths  (Norwex, Enjo, Blue Wonder) does not mean you are getting a better product..... read on.

2) e-cloth® is sold at a better price, because all we are selling you is a product.  You can get cheaper microfiber at a major retailer.... but they want you back 6-10 months from now as a repeat purchaser.  Cheap microfiber will last a little while until it wears thin, destined for the trash, and off you go to the store again.  (Cha-ching... the sound of the cash register once again...)  The other high quality cloth companies (Norwex, Enjo, Blue Wonder) are all selling you something other than the product.  Sometimes it's a 'party' with your friends, so they can get free product, sometimes it's a membership that will guarantee you continue to pay year by year for the priviledge to buy their products, sometimes it's an 'opportunity' to be a part of something big like a network where you can earn incentives for your efforts.  (ever wonder how they pay for those?)  e-cloth retailers keep it real - just the product for you at great prices you can afford.

How does e-cloth® compare to the competition?  Better.  More affordable.  Take the e-cloth® challenge... Purchase some to use alongside your Norwex, Enjo, or Blue Wonder cloths.  I know you'll be pleasantly surprised!! (and so will your wallet!!)

Compare ecloth® to competition

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