Friday, November 9, 2012

e-cloth Deep Clean Mop for Canadians!!!

Canadian e-cloth® customers, you've been frustrated for a long time about our $30 surcharge for shipping the Deep Clean Mop to Canada.  And for good reason - this puts the Deep Clean Mop at the same price, almost, as our main competitor..... (whose price is quite out of control, I might add).

Wait no longer.... e-cloth® has heard your cries of protest, and developed a mop just for you, that ships in a smaller package, but without sacrificing their high standards of production - both materially and ethically.
Your shipping fees are now in line with our current low flat rate charges for crossing an international border.

The all new Deep Clean Mop - International Edition is not available in the US, but to International customers only.  While it is affordable to purchase a case of 20 Deep Clean e-cloth® mops, most of us are interested in one or two for around the house.

In Other Mop News:
E-cloth® has some new products!!!

1) Deep Clean Mop Professional - designed to minimize fatigue for big mopping jobs - allowing you more energy when you're done!
2) Spin Dry Mop Set - an e-cloth exclusive, and truly innovative product... see more details on both of these on our website!!!

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