Wednesday, November 7, 2012

e-cloth® video information series - What is an e-cloth®? (video)

In the near future, I will highlight a series of videos from e-cloth that outline the benefits of e-cloth
®. And, what better place to start to identify 'What is an e-cloth®?'

Here, we learn why microfiber and water is an effective cleaning tool, and why it works so well.

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Video Text:
What is an e-cloth®? e-cloth® is a chemical free cleaning process that uses microfiber technology and proprietary manufacturing equipment and know-how.  Each e-cloth® contains millions of tiny fibers.  and with 1.6 million fibers per sq. inch, e-cloth® has the highest density of fibers in a cleaning cloth in the world.  In fact, each fiber is 1000 times finer than cotton.  These tiny, high quality fibers are then processed to produce unparalleled cleaning power!  When using e-cloth® with just water, you will achieve the ultimate in natural, chemical free cleaning.  So, how does it work?  Water molecules are electrically unbalanced which attracts them to particles of grime and bacteria.  As you wipe with your e-cloth®, the tiny fibers lift and draw in water coated particles, trapping all grease, grime, and bacteria.  In fact, e-cloths® are scientifically proven to remove over 99% of bacteria, including E-coli and listeria using just water!  Chemicals are just not needed to achieve a super-hygienic, sparkling and smear-free finish.  And remember, you can make your dirty cloths as good as new during everyday use by simply rinsing them out using hot water from under your faucet, or machine washing.  And all e-cloths® are guaranteed for 300 machine washes, so you can use them time and time again.  With an e-cloth® and just water, clean chemical-free and live healthy!

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