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Dad's can clean (DCC) is a site dedicated to comment and opinion surrounding the place of dad's in the journey toward eco-conscious households. We enjoy sharing our journey, and would love to share yours.

To achieve this together, we would love to invite your participation and help to provide our readers with quality articles and interesting insights! Write for us!

Since DCC is a site that promotes ecloth® products, we would like to pay you in.... you guessed it... ecloth® products. Do you have a story of how your household moved toward a healthier, greener, less expensive, simpler clean? Share it with us, and if we post it, we'll pay you in the best greenback ever - green microfiber cleaning from eclothguy.com

Humorous stories about the role of dads in progressive parenting and household management are always welcome, and don't necessarily have to be about a green or eco-conscious choice, but do need to inspire us and others to view dads in an enlightened non-stereotypical way.

Be a part of the changing role of men in family and household.  Get green cleaning products in exchange.  Free ecloth® ; now that's a win-win!

Simply send us your content for review (body of email, pdf or txt format only, please).
Generally, a high quality published post will receive a $5 gift certificate to eclothguy.com.

Please note that not all submissions or applicants will be accepted. In order to maintain high quality for our articles, every article will undergo a review before acceptance.

DCC is dedicated to sharing high quality articles with our readership, and we reserve the right to decline any article that we consider does not reach the standards we have set, without stating reasons.

Currently, we are sorry that we can only accept English articles, though extensions to other languages cannot be ruled out in the future.

We are against content theft and plagiarism. Do write in your own words and give necessary credit in your work. Be real, be genuine.

Please excuse us if your article does not get published.

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