Friday, January 18, 2013

Winter and Wheelchairs make for dirty floors...

After hosting my cousin at our house over the Christmas break, we were reminded of the mess that a wheelchair can drag in from the snowy streets.  While the snow outside is beautiful, the snow, sand, salt and mud/water that gets dragged in create a mess on the floors, and can cause potential damage to hardwood or carpets.  Apparently, this is not an uncommon problem!!!

After doing the regular dance of drying off her wheelchair wheels of the melting snow with an old towel, there were still bits of dirt and water around on the floor.  My ecloth® mop comes in so handy at times like this.  Rather than needing to vacuum, or even fill a bucket every time we wanted to wash the floors, a quick wet, slap on, mop and rinse - et voila!  Clean floors again.

The dust mop head quickly and gently pulled all of the dirt, stones, and salt left around the main floor, assuring that they were not ground into the wood.  Then, each night, a quick tour around with the wet mop head would clean the floors up to sparkling - with just water.  I can't imagine the headache of needing to do that every night with a mop and bucket, or having to live with the dirt around all the time.

The ecloth® deep clean mop has been a super tool when it comes to quickly and easily keep our house in at least a 'semi'-clean state when we are graced by our best wheelchair cousin!  Now... if only it could pick up after my kids!!! ;)

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