Thursday, February 28, 2013

Introduction to this dad can

Yes, this dad can clean.  I have met other dads that clean, but perhaps this post is to point out that the prevailing stereotype is that they can't.

Now before you go labeling me as a hero spouse or a super dad, or worse yet as the 'show-off' dad who likes to brag about his accomplishments, let's set things straight:

I don't like to clean.  The thought of pulling out all of the cleaners and getting set to tackle the bathroom or kitchen, or floors, or whatever else it is that the kid traffic of the week has pummeled into a messy state leaves me longing for that glorious day when I will finally succumb to hiring a cleaner.  No, I'd much rather watch paint dry, or do calculus, or mow the lawn, or .... well almost anything.

Alas, the house does not get clean on its own, and the personal satisfaction of finally getting the job done (as well as winning the approval of my wife) is actually worth it.

I do, however, like to find ways to clean more quickly.  What guy doesn't?  Nothing quite compares to cutting one's last cleaning time in half, or even a quarter with no real (or noticeable)  difference.  Now, cleaning has become the real competition it deserves to be.

I also love to save a buck here or there.  Can I clean the house for less?  Perhaps ditch a few cleaners here or there...  after all, it's better for the environment, right?

Imagine my delight when I discovered I can do all of the above.  This dad CAN clean, and even like it, and even save some money, and even do one better for the environment, and best of all:  I can get things cleaner than the leading chemicals can!!!  WOOT!  (Just relish the time now where you used to budget two hours to clean...... you'll be finished in 1/2 the time and spend the rest taking in the game, sitting on the porch, playing with your kids, taking a nap..... you name it)

So, I invite you into my 'Dads can' world.  I hope I can help a few people along the way see that we dads can break the stereotype with a little help.  No more useless man syndrome, no more excuses for half-rate contributions in and around the house, no more disconnected father, aloof husband, or , or , or.....  I'm here to set the record straight.

And by the way, any spouse out there ready to show this post to their hubby to use me as the 'Why can't you be more like this guy...' example....  to your man, I apologize.  I feel a bit responsible, but ride along with me for a bit.  I hate cleaning just as much as you do, and perhaps I can make your job just a bit easier by sharing how easy it can be. 

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