Tuesday, March 12, 2013

What? A guy sells body cloths?

Yep, it's true.  The new eBody® line is finally available from ecloth®!  So, given that the models in all of the stock photos are women, the typical target market is women, why the heck would anyone consider a recommendation of this product from a guy?

Let's begin with the more 'unisex' products, shall we?  Introduce me to one guy out there that wouldn't gravitate toward the biggest, fluffiest, most amazing towel in the stack, if he could.  Ladies and Gentlemen, the luxury of an amazing towel after a shower is not for women only.  Believe me, the luxury bath towel is something everyone can appreciate.  It doesn't matter if you start or end your day with it, this towel will set you straight and change your outlook.  Given its generous size, the largest 'man size' towel will not be shown up by this towel.  Given its unique technology, it will dry both you and itself more quickly.

Next, the gym towel, and the sports and travel towel.  Let me go on record here to state that at the gym, or on the road (biking, hiking, trip, etc), the worst things ever are cotton towel carry-alongs.  1) They don't dry you well,  2) they're too big, and don't stash well, 3) they pack wet - pulling together that perfect storm of warmth, dead skin, and moisture that mold and bacteria love to fester in (yuck!!), and 4) they stink!!! (see #3)  These two products come in the optimal size for varying activities, and get this....... actually dry you off, and get this..... actually dry quickly!!!!  Even if you forget to unpack your bag into the laundry for a day or two (admit it, you've been there at least once before!!!), you're not going to be met with the same ferocious smell that you would from your cotton towel because micro-fiber has the fighting chance to dry before you pack it away (even if it is just hanging in your locker)

Now, into the risque... The exfoliating body mitt....  Remember that saying "real men don't eat quiche?'  Well, most of us men have learned that we can appreciate a good quiche now and again...  And those scrunchy bath poofy things for soap in the shower?  Yep - I've met many a man who has come to appreciate showering with one, despite the *ahem* feminine look and branding of these things.  Enter this mitt - way more absorbant, way less scratchy, way more durable (those poofy things just fall apart!!), and yes, even we guys can appreciate a good cloth, especially if it's constructed right....

Admittedly, I do not use the face cleansing mitt or eye cleansing pad.  I have, however, shuddered as I walk through the drug store and see the rows and rows of 'makeup removal' equipment and chemicals lined up ready to remove the makeup they sold you in the first place.  I'll withhold my opinions about makeup as they are not likely relevant, and I can avoid offending half of the readers at the same time.....  BUT, if you're going to remove makeup or wash the oils from your face, please, please, please do it with as little extra assault on your skin as you can!!!!!  I've watched as someone close to me has battled a facial skin condition with a host of creams, soaps, medicated blends, natural remedies, etc, etc, etc (which all claim to be natural and health, BTW!!!) These just seem to add insult to injury.  She's getting one of each of these eBody products - we'll see what happens (stay posted).  Can I recommend this, though?  Absolutely!  Why not try to use 'nothing' but fibers and water to get your skin clean?  You'll have healthier skin (and perhaps more radiant, even!!!).

Start caring for your skin.  Environmental cleaning doesn't stop at your home - it begins with you.
eBody®by eCloth® at eclothguy.com.

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