Thursday, May 31, 2012

e-auto by e-cloth... environmentally sound high quality cleaning for your vehicle

Announcing..... the latest addition to the e-cloth line:  e-auto.  A full line of car, truck, van cleaning supplies that allows you to clean with just water.  OK, if you're really needing to have the soapy feel of the car wash experience, you can use a little detergent, but you really, really don't need to!

I've always had mixed feelings about washing the car on the driveway.  I love the idea and experience of washing the car: the sunny weekend afternoon spent listening to the radio - music or ball game - and the satisfaction of a shiny vehicle as a reward.....  BUT the accompanying guilt as I watch a flow of detergent wash down the drive, along the curb and into the sewer grate that has an environmental awareness 'fish' painted right next to it.  *sigh*  strike one for the at-home car wash experience.

There are alternatives, like washing your car on gravel or grass, but the detergent still sticks around. Another environmental impact includes the amount of water used at home. (strike two!)  This can be monitored by not having the hose on the entire time, OR by using rain barrels for your car wash water (I don't need to worry about hard water stains on my car when I do this - our water is awful!!!)

Am I out yet?  Nope - here goes - washing the car often results in a huge pile of expensive paper towels destined for the garbage (and they don't even get the car that clean or lint-free!!! - I'm always trying to rid the windows of streaks!!!) Strike three!!!  I'm out....

Microfiber microscope.jpg
Until now.  e-cloth®, dedicated to perfect cleaning with just water has introduced e-auto - a line of vehicle washing items that make washing your car a more environmentally sound activity, as well as less expensive and more effective!!!!  The microfiber benefits make the cleaning experience so much more enjoyable.  I have memories as a boy trying to get my parent's car clean but struggling to get it just right.  Microfiber lifts dirt away from the vehicle surface not only making the process move more quickly, it also protects the finish much better than any other cloth!  See for yourself!!!

Finally, the new e-auto products from e-cloth are designed specifically for the car-wash enthusiast.  The cloths are larger than normal household cloths to match the job of cleaning an entire car.  The polishing cloth is a fine, tight weave suitable for chrome and windows, but also for detailing the finer points on the dashboard.  And, let's face it - one of the main reasons for washing our own vehicles other than the sunny afternoon experience is to save money.  Compare the prices of this both amazing and high quality product with what you can get elsewhere.  You'll find the price point to be ultra-competitive, especially considering that it carries the e-cloth guarantee.  Time to treat yourself, or your family to this bargain!!!!

Let's recap here:
  • e-cloth quality (second to none!!! - 300 wash guarantee!)
  • environmental benefits - (perfect cleaning with just water)
  • a cleaner vehicle (no streaks or lint!)
  • a faster clean (microfiber is much faster than other textiles)
  • price!
  • we still get to have the satisfaction of washing our own vehicle.

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