Sunday, June 17, 2012

Can I still use my stained Norwex or microfiber cloth?

I often get the question: "Can I still use my stained Norwex cloth?".  The story is too familiar - we are excited about cleaning with just water, doing away with harmful chemicals, and we leap head-long into cleaning with our newest favourite cloth.  And then it happens.... our beloved Norwex cloth gets a stain.  There are two reasons why this is upsetting:  1) This is our favourite cloth!!!!  It used to look all nice and shiny and colourful, but now it has this glaring stain, and the colour is faded!  2) Do you know how much I spent on this cloth?  I don't want to get a stain on it!  It's not far off from getting a stain in that favourite sweater or pair of pants.....  Besides, it just doesn't feel like it cleans as well when the cloth looks dirty...

Good news.  The effectiveness of a microfiber cloth is not diminished by a stain, or by the faded colour.  And a good thing, too!  Imagine having to dump another $17 for each stained cloth?!!  No thanks!

Remember, though, that brand new feeling?  Using your new cloth for the first time, fresh out of the mail?  It's not a feeling you get often at those prices, which has thankfully motivated many of you to use your Norwex cloth ride down to it's sorry threadbare demise.

But now it's time - time to replace that Norwex cloth, and you're all ready to place that (gulp!) $60, $70, even $100 order for new cloths.  You remember the feeling you got at the party where you were SOLD on the fact that this was worth it!!! You were doing your part for the environment!!! And, when compared to the use of Swiffer and papertowels, your host showed you that you were actually SAVING money.... Replacing your stained Norwex cloth just doesn't have that same excitement.... Wow, that's expensive!!!!

Dare I suggest a better cloth, and a better price?  It's even worth considering replacing your tired, stained Norwex cloth now at a price like this!!! E-cloth® is a higher denier cloth (more of those awesome micro-fibers, smaller, and better picking up power!), a softer cloth (who likes the feeling of dry microfiber???), has a better warranty (300 washes), and is almost half the price!!!!  AND did you know that it has been rated as the BEST microfiber cloth ?  When it comes time, replace your stained Norwex cloths with a better cloth for less money - e-cloth® is ready to ship and to give you that excited 'just got you in the mail' feeling again - without the heartache of a huge credit card charge that will beg explaining at bill time!!! (Remember that one? - just after the party?)  Yup.  No need to justify a whopper purchase this time - you can even include an e-auto package and screen cleaning pack and still stay under the $60 radar (see my already filled shopping cart below!!!)!!!

How awesome would it feel to replace four of your
$17 each cloths, plus a $19 window cloth
($87 plus shipping at current Norwex pricing)
for only $30 at!!!
At prices like this, replacing your stained microfiber
isn't painful at all.  Stained microfiber is still effective
but for those of you who need that clean 'look' along
you can now pick it up at a reasonable price!!! 

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