Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sometimes it's the small things... like the tag on an ecloth...

I had an interesting compliment the other day from a customer who has used a number of microfiber brands, including Enjo, Norwex, and now e-cloth®.  "Do you know what I love about the new cloths I got from you?" she asked.  I was ready to hear about their ability to clean, their durability, the texture, the price....  After suggesting these, she agreed:  "Oh, yes, they clean really well, and the price is now actually affordable, but do you know what I really love?  The TAGS!  Each e-cloth® tag says which cloth it is!  I love that!  I used to take a marker and write on the tag of the other cloths, because I would get them mixed up.  Now I don't have to do that.  It's nice!"
I was dumbfounded.  Not at the fact that it was a good thing, nor that she loved it:  I was surprised that such a detail had been paid attention, and that a small detail like this worked.  A famous woman once said that "Love is in the details."  I guess she was right!!!

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