Friday, November 8, 2013

Socks and underwear, or something better?

So how many of us really like giving and/or receiving socks and underwear?  This quirky holiday tradition that finds stockings worldwide brimming with 'skivies' may have found its roots when there was higher need for essentials, perhaps a few less available styles, and gave many a well meaning mom to stock up her kids' drawers with unmentionables.... oh, and socks.

Last Christmas I took the opportunity to stuff my family's stockings with a general purpose ecloth.  Sure, it's pretty plain, but the reaction has been better than I could have imagined.  They are all bugging me know for a glass and polishing cloth.  A simple introduction such as a stocking stuffer won them over to chemical free cleaning.

This world has a higher need for environmental action, and the gift of ecloth lets you inject that into people's lives for an affordable price.  Your biggest decision:  which product for whom?  e-auto for dad or brother?  Stainless steel cloths for the sister who complains about fingerprints on her fridge?  A mop for mom?  A welcome home kit for the newly married or engaged couple?  A dusting wand for the OCD sister-in-law who needs to have the underside of her fridge spotless?  Or just an ecloth?  Thanksgiving is the perfect opportunity to find out what they hate cleaning, and to solve that with some Christmas stocking shopping!

Simple, beautiful, inspiring, and #notsocksorunderwear !

Now, what to put with it.... fair trade coffee?  beeswax candles?  a reusable shopping bag?  (I'm getting inspired already!!)

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