Saturday, April 21, 2012

How do I clean with microfiber?

It's the eve of Earth Day 2012.... I'm searching and finding again and again the 'pitch' to 'go green' to 'be responsible', to 'act environmentally'.  I have to admit, though, that before switching to cleaning my home with just water, there was a significant psychological barrier to get over.  How could I clean my house without lugging the chemicals out?  What about a bucket with soapy water?  What about that smell of a clean apartment/ room/ home?  Given that our strongest 'hook' to memory is based on smell, it's no wonder this is difficult to shake!
After seeing the data and being convinced that microfiber really does clean well without the use of chemicals, the question I get most often is:  So how do I use microfiber to clean?  After life-long habits, it can be disconcerting to try (and to trust) something new in our cleaning methods... don't worry, though.... help is here:
There are many videos and 'how-to methods' out there ranging from the 4-square, the 8-square, the wipe and polish, the spray and clean, the figure 8-sweep augmented with the occasional spray.... It can get all a bit mad.  I've found that if I boil it down to two simple concepts, the rest is a matter of preference (which cleaning methods always are, aren't they?)
Two things to remember:
1) Use it flat. - I don't mean a completely flat cloth, but the section you are cleaning with.  Remember that e-cloth® microfiber is an extremely fine denier (1/200 that of a silk fiber).  These fibers, when wiped on the hard surfaces in your home are scrubbing and lifting the dirt.  If the cloth is bunched up, you are limiting the number of fibers able to do their work.  (With cotton cloths, it doesn't matter as you are just pushing the dirt around anyway...).  So, use it flat - maximize the number of fibers in contact with the dirty surface.
2) Rinse it hot. - The dirt is now between the fibers in your cloth.  A rinse of your cloth in hot water will swell the fibers (remember those tiny ones?) and 'expel' the dirt.  Wring it tightly, and you're ready to go again...

Other methods work, but make microfiber cleaning far too complicated when
it really is very simple.
So, recap:  Use it flat, rinse it hot.  Easy, huh?
Now, have fun adding your own little twist:
make your mark as an environmental cleaner.

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