Friday, April 19, 2013

Review - ebody® exfoliating body mitt

I'm a bit uneasy about using spa products.  It seems to challenge my 'manhood' in some odd way.  I recall an interesting discussion in university about whether any of the guys in our house would use a 'puff' scrubber in the shower - it just seemed a bit feminine.  Fast forward a 'few' years, an ability to be comfortable with my masculinity and I have used a number of different shower 'scrub' products.
My beef with the other mitts?
All a bit scratchy.  Flimsy.  Bits of puff or mitt falling apart over time.  Exfoliating mitts always seemed to be just a cotton mitt with some plastic-y bits on them to make if feel like they scrub and get your skin clean.
So what's so special about ebody®?
Enter the ebody® exfoliating body mitt.  Yes, I was cynical.  Another mitt to scratch my skin, right?  Wrong.  Even at first touch, the body mitt is not like others.  It is soft to the touch, and true to other ecloth® products, the secret is at the micro level.  Make no mistake, this soft mitt packs a scrub!  Using its patented micro-brush technology, the body mitt delivers a refreshing, vigorous clean not possible with other exfoliating products.  The ebody® exfoliating body mitt has overwhelmed my minimal expectations and is now a part of my regular wake-up.  The tingly clean feeling lasts long into the morning.
The best part?  No harsh soaps or substances to iritate your skin, or scratchy harsh fabric.
Do I still feel a little funny using it?  Perhaps I can't make that go away, but it's worth it!!! ;)

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