Friday, March 23, 2012

Here we are - on to a fantastic quality product, an environmental cleaner, a company with integrity, AND AFFORDABLE PRICING!!!  No more feeling guilty after the sticker shock from regular customers, or the waryness of potential customers.  Environmental cleaning products that do not use chemicals have always made economical sense, but as per my customers' demand (100% love microfiber, but wanted a better price), it was time to find an option that was more affordable up front.

Enter e-cloth®!  I am SO excited to be promoting this product.  Welcome aboard - I'm sure you'll quickly find that your requests for a product that is BETTER, at a BETTER PRICE, with an ETHICAL supplier will be met all in one place!  Stay tuned for some great specials, new products, and cleaning that is every day, safe, easy, and affordable.

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